Monday, August 6, 2012

Control | Major Reasons Why The Control Function is Important to Managers?

What are the major reasons why the control function is important to managers?

Control is important because it's the only way managers know whether organizational goals are being met and if not, the reasons why. 

The value of the control function can be seen in three specific areas: planning, empowering employees, and protecting the workplace. 

As the final step in the management process, controlling provides the critical link back to planning. 

If managers didn't control, they'd have no way of knowing whether their goals and plans were being achieved and what future actions to take. 
The second reason controlling is important is because of employee empowerment. Many managers are reluctant to empower their employees because they fear employees will do something wrong for which they would be held responsible. Many managers are tempted to do things themselves and avoid empowering. But an effective control system can provide information and feedback on employee performance, thus reducing potential problems. The final reason that managers control is to protect the organization and its assets. Today's environment brings heightened threats from natural disasters, financial scandals, workplace violence, supply chain disruptions, security breaches, and even possible terrorist attacks. Managers must have plans in place to protect the organization's employees, facilities, data, and infrastructure. Having comprehensive controls and backup plans will help assure minimal work disruptions.