Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Motivation | 3 Elements of Motivation

Define motivation and discuss the three elements of motivation. 

Motivation refers to the process by which a person's efforts are energized, directed, and sustained toward attaining a goal. This definition has three key elements: energy, direction, and persistence.

The energy element is a measure of intensity, drive, and vigor. A motivated person puts forth effort and works hard. However, the quality of the effort must be considered as well as its intensity.

High levels of effort don't necessarily lead to favorable job performance unless the effort is channeled in a direction that benefits the organization. Effort that's directed toward, and consistent with, organizational goals is the kind of effort we want from employees.

Finally, motivation includes a persistence dimension. We want employees to persist in putting forth effort to achieve those goals.

Source: Management, 11e (Robbins/Coulter)

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