Wednesday, October 8, 2014

EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT | Most important aspects of dynamic force that surrounds and influences the general environment

Describe the most important aspects of each dynamic force that surrounds and influences the general environment of an organization.

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    Things like the overall health of the economy in terms of financial markets, inflation, income levels, and job outlook are important economic conditions in the general environment. Legal-political conditions in the general environment are represented by existing and proposed laws and regulations, government policies, and the philosophy and objectives of political parties. Diversity issues relating to educational opportunity, access to technology, housing options, job options, are part of the sociocultural conditions in the general environment. The sociocultural conditions also include norms, customs, and demographics of a society or region, as well as social values on such matters as ethics, human rights, gender roles, and life styles. The ongoing wave of technological conditions in the workplace ranges from new product development and advertising to employee networking and data sharing to virtual meetings and always-available chats. Environmental conditions include the abundance of natural resources that the environment provides for organizations and society, and the need to protect the availability of those resources for the future.

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