Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PLANNING | 5 basic steps in the planning process

Identify and describe the steps in the planning process.

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  1. Answer:

    The five basic steps in the planning process are:

    • 1. Define your objectives––Identify desired outcomes or results in very specific ways. Know where you want to go; be specific enough so that you will know you have arrived when you get there, or know how far off the mark you are at various points along the way.

    • 2. Determine where you stand vis-à-vis objectives––Evaluate current accomplishments relative to the desired results. Know where you stand in reaching the objectives; know what strengths work in your favor and what weaknesses may hold you back.

    • 3. Develop premises regarding future conditions––Try to anticipate future events. Generate alternative “scenarios” for what may happen; identify for each scenario things that may help or hinder progress toward your objectives.

    • 4. Analyze alternatives and make a plan––List and carefully evaluate the possible actions that may be taken. Choose the alternative(s) most likely to accomplish your objectives; decide step by step what must be done to follow the chosen course of action.

    • 5. Implement the plan and evaluate results––Take action and carefully measure your progress toward objectives. Do what the plan requires; evaluate results; take corrective actions and revise plans as needed.

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