Friday, October 3, 2014

MANAGEMENT PROCESS | List some of the changes in present organizational trends.

 List some of the changes in present organizational trends.

Source: Management, 12th Edition- John R. Schermerhorn

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    Here are some of the changes in present organizational trends:

    •Focus on valuing human capital: The premium is on high-involvement work settings that rally the knowledge, experience, and commitment of all members.

    • Demise of “command-and-control”: Traditional top-down “do as I say” bosses are giving way to participatory bosses who treat people with respect.

    • Emphasis on teamwork: Organizations are more horizontal in focus, and driven by teamwork that pools talents for creative problem solving.

    • Preeminence of technology: New developments in computer and information technology continually change the way organizations operate and how people work.

    • Importance of networking: Organizations and their members are networked for intense, real-time communication and coordination.

    • New workforce expectations: A new generation of workers is less tolerant of
    hierarchy, more informal, attentive to performance merit, and concerned for work–life balance.

    • Priorities on sustainability: Social values show more attention to preservation of natural resources for future generations and understanding how work affects
    human well-being.

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