Friday, November 22, 2013

HRM | Define HRM. Describe its goal and major tasks

Define HRM. Describe its goal and major tasks.

Human resource management is a process of attracting, developing, and maintaining a talented work force. The goal of human resource management is to enhance organizational performance through the effective utilization of people. All managers, not just human resource specialists, share the responsibility to ensure that highly capable and enthusiastic people are in the right positions and working with the support they need to be successful. The three major tasks in human resource management are typically described as:
1.       Attracting a quality workforce—human resource planning, employee recruitment, and employee selection.
2.       Developing a quality workforce—employee orientation, training and development, and performance management.
3.       Maintaining a quality workforce—career development, work–life balance, compensation and benefits, retention and turnover, and labor–management relations.
Source: Management, 11th Edition & 12th Edition- John R. Schermerhorn

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